…a bit of sunshine helps!

If this was a typical year, we would just be getting home from our winter down south.  I’d be returning to all the plants my friend and neighbour Carmon started for me along with hers.  She has a much larger greenhouse leftover from the business she closed down several years ago.  This year I did plan to get home early and learn how to transplant the plugs and care for the seed plants we germinated together.  I did learn more about those processes but not quite as planned.  This year, because we were self isolating, it is was distant learning…from a mile a way and via text.

After all these weeks of isolation and stay home orders and cooler days, it was especially nice to spend some time in the warmth of my own greenhouse.  I’ve been waiting for a while to get in there and work with the seeds I have carefully nurtured into seedlings.  Together with the flowers I started over at my friends, I now have a very full building.

This is my happy place.  I love to get my hands dirty and carefully groom the tiny seedlings  into mature plants.  Transplanting, watering and fertilizing the plants can fill up an entire morning for me…and I’m okay with that!  So this week, with all the sun shine and greenhouse playing, I was feeling pretty good.  Since I was in a much better head space I decided that Track 5 of the Isolation Play list (see the complete list after the new video) needed to be upbeat.  I chose this track by La Bouche and put it together with photos of our mature plants from past seasons.  It makes me feel positive and it feels uplifting and I hope it does the same for you…enjoy!


(Click the link to add the song to your collection & check out the videos for a nice break)

Track 1 – Stay Safe Stay Healthy

Track 2 – A True Life Lesson 102

Track 3 – Farmer John 102

Track 4 – A little bit of Hope

Track 5 – A bit of sunshine

4 thoughts on “…a bit of sunshine helps!

  1. Oh this was the boost I needed!!!
    Can’t wait to come out there, hopefully this summer.
    I haven’t heard that song in sooo long! I need to get it for my playlist. Thanks for the reminder 😌
    Keep on planting on 👨‍🌾


  2. John this is stunning. Thank you and thank you Cheryl for sharing on Facebook. What an uplifting add to my day!
    Wendy Grant Vrolson


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