…a little bit of hope!

I must admit I almost forgot all about the COVID 19 Virus and all the serious changes we’ve all had to make to our lives.  It’s been a long drawn out winter here at our place just west of Pigeon Lake.  I feel like we got a whole lot more snow that other parts of the province and here in the trees, it’s pretty slow to melt this year.

They grow up so fast!

I’ve been using my isolation time putting together videos to keep my overactive brain as distracted as possible.  I’ve had so much fun learning how to edit them and have been inspired for each, with a different track of music from my collection.

I am going to start to make an ‘Isolation Play List’ with links to the songs, just below my latest video post, so make sure you keep scrolling after you watch it. I hope you find the music calming, inspiring or interesting enough to add them to your collection. I’ve reposted the videos the music inspired in case you missed it. If you’ve got a song that inspires you, I’d love it if you shared it with me. Provide a link or list the Artist and title in the comments.  Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Stay Home!

Track 4 – A little bit of Hope


Track 1 – Stay Safe Stay Healthy

Track 2 – A True Life Lesson 102

Track 3 – Farmer John 102

Track 4 – A little bit of Hope




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