Neeko’s 16

Little did I know that the little pure bred farm dog with the weird face would become such an important part of my life!

I really didn’t want to like him.  We had recently lost our last 2 dogs 3 weeks apart and there was no way I was going to set myself up for even more heartbreak.  When Tim finally brought him home from the rescue and I saw that weird face it was pretty easy not to like him.  Extra bonus for me was that he didn’t really like men so he was pretty shy and nervous to get too close.  

He was always gentle and calm.  He never got hyper like so many border collie would be. In fact, everything that was amazing and good with our last 2 dogs was a part of Neeko. He fit right in and seemed so comfortable here at the farm. It only took a week and a half and this purebred farm dog was in my heart forever.  

During his first years with us, our lives were pretty active.  Between living in the city part-time and at the farm, Neeko was okay with either as long as it was with us. He really does love the peace, quiet and freedom of his farm.

We travelled over the years up and down the west coast of Canada and the US and every place we went he was pretty chill.  We’d walk around any where we could take him and total strangers would stop and mention his unique markings.  Hey, your dog has an even split of black and white on his face.  It always made us laugh because they’d say it like we didn’t know. If they didn’t say it to our face, you could hear them say it to each other as they walked past us.  Random people would ask if they could pet him or take a picture with him. Once we were walking around in San Fransisco and a bus tour pulled up to the park we were at and everyone on the bus, rushed to check out Neeko.  Scared the crap out of him and although he was usually okay to sit patiently he decided this was too much.  We eventually stopped letting strangers get too close to him by saying he was very shy.  

Over the years it gotten easier to bring a leashed dog inside stores or buildings, as long as there is no food service.  Long before Canada allowed it, you could go into a lot of places in the US with your pet. He spent a lot of time inside American retail stores, in a change room patiently waiting while we shopped.  He walked around malls and tourist attractions and up and down super busy downtown streets.  California had for years allowed dogs to sit outside on a restaurant patio and Neeko was so used to that. We’d bring his supper and after he ate he’d find a spot near the wall, under the table and hang out until we were done.  One evening we had just finished our meal and after paying the bill, grabbed his leash as we all got up to leave.  The people who had been sitting next to us the entire time said “you have a dog? we didn’t even know he was here’! He’s such a good boy!

We’ve had lots of amazing adventures with the little guy over the 16 years. So many incredible moments and memories together. He’s taught me a lot of lessons about patience, acceptance, responsibility and trust! He’s a lot slower now and has more trouble getting around so we don’t go too far from home. Its pretty unusual for a dog his size to get to be 16. That weird little face is so damn special and this little guy is filled with amazing personality. Every day is filled with joy!  Every day he makes us smile! Everyday I am so happy that Tim brought him home. Happy Birthday Neeko!  

2 thoughts on “Neeko’s 16

  1. Happy birthday Neeko 🎂. I am afraid of most dogs, but definitely NOT Neeko. I started out being afraid of him but then we started to puppy sit and he became my furry friend. Love that puppy.


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