…out of Retirement!

***Make sure you check out the new video below!***

In most cases you have a lot of time on your hands when you’re retired!  I’m always trying to find things to keep me busy, that’s why I started this blog.  I also have more time to catch up on world events through the news and social media.  Over the past several months I’ve spent a bit more time trying to be informed about the COVID epidemic. You didn’t have to look too far for updates and information-it was and is everywhere.  As a province and a country, we did very well managing this impossible to comprehend crisis.  Sadly, some countries have not faired too well and their crisis is continuing to grow. One thing in common to each successful strategy has, for some odd reason, become a rallying cry for individual freedoms. I will never understand how trying to save your life or those of your loved ones with one simple and easy gesture has become so toxic for some people!

That is why I had to come out of retirement to talk about it. Together with the support of family and friends we made a fun, but serious video.  Thanks for checking it out.  Be safe, be healthy and wear a mask because #MasksRCool

Follow me on Twitter @JohnFashionGuy and then post a photo of you in your mask with #MasksRCool). Write a comment below and I would love it if you share this message with those you love.  Thanks, John

I forgot to attach the link to the track so you too can own it….music.apple.com/ca/album/only- Its an oldie but a good one for sure!!!!



10 thoughts on “…out of Retirement!

  1. Wow what an amazing video. Masks are the new necessary fashion trend. It was like nothing had changed watching this video. Like being on set all over again. Great job. More people need to see this and realize it’s cool to be seen wearing a mask anywhere and everywhere.


    1. LOL. It was so funny filming John, Pat! He immediately was in the Fashion Guy mode-like he was still back working!!


  2. You did such a great job, John! You’re really in your element and I love how you get an important message across in a fun and professional way.


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