…I will never understand!

I do feel like I am in an especially weird time in my life.  In just a week I move onto a new decade … okay … whoah … I need a minute to really digest that………………….okay … I’m good! I confess it is a big deal for me, especially since I never thought I’d make it past 40, but that’s a story for another day…or not!   Anyhow, 60 is a big deal and with 6 decades of life, learning and experiences it been a good time to reflect and reminisce, as the big day approaches.

I have done a lot of looking back over the year as I thought about content for my blog.  I’ve spent a lot of time running themes through my head while I collected memories that touched me and affected my life one way or another.  One thing I landed on several times were some moments and instances that even with nearly 6 decades of knowledge and experience, I am sure I will never come to understand.  Today, I am going to try to clear this part of my brain and share them on this blog post and here are just six.

IMG_0421IMG_3532IMG_33491) During my 59.99 years, I have watched the lifestyles of everyone, including myself take a direction towards healthier living.  People have gotten more active while they are aware of what’s good to put inside their bodies including food and positive energy.  You see this trend in retail and education.  So, when I see people shop at these supposed healthy food stores, such as  Whole Foods, and scattered throughout the parking lot are loose and abandoned shopping carts, I am shocked.  These carts have been left by shoppers so concerned about their healthy lifestyle choices, they’ll pay a premium amount to buy healthy/organic food, but won’t walk an extra few steps to put them away.  #Iwillneverunderstand

2) This one drives me so crazy and I honestly say I will never understand why the hell there are any people who care.  Far too may lawmakers over the years have had to face policies that police the bathroom habits of their fellow citizens. John60_10 I have been in washrooms around the world and NEVER have I cared, or was I the least bit interested in what the person beside me is doing!  If I needed to, I could go behind a cubicle and close a door and do whatever I needed to with the amount of privacy I wanted  After I was done, I walked to a sink to wash my hands beside whoever else chooses to wash their hands!   I am almost 100% sure that is the same for everyone of us…so…this whole issue about who is doing what in a bathroom, seems a bit demented and seriously bizarre to me.  #Iwillneverunderstand

3) I grew up in a religious family and at this point in my life, I consider myself to be a spiritual person without a defined belief one way or the other. img_2978.jpgI know a whole lot of people like this, so this pretend anger about whether we say ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy Holidays’ seems so confusing and honestly selfish.  Just because I believe one way or anther doesn’t give me the right to tell you what you should do while I celebrate or don’t celebrate a holiday.  I have seen the advocates of Merry Christmas plaster Santa all over everything they do as they celebrate so it feels convenient and disingenuous.  #Iwillneverunderstand

4) I also don’t get why the tires of your vehicle need to be as big as the vehicle they are attached to.IMG_5174  I will never understand why the louder your car or truck sounds is okay because while you disturb my peace it makes you feel more masculine…and spinning out with screeching tires is just laughable.   I suppose its a guy things but as a gay man I’ve never really felt the need to prove how masculine and tough I am. Or maybe its just  “compensating” for smaller body parts…poor guys!   #Iwillneverunderstand

IMG_04455) Like so many of us, my phone has become an extension of myself.  I use it a lot to stay in touch and up to date.   I have moments, especially in the morning, when I can get lost in my phone and not aware of my surroundings.  However, there is no way  I use it as much as the generations behind me. I get a little worried that they are affecting social contact and replacing face to face! I like hanging out with real people so…#Iwillneverunderstand

6) I am all about equality and always have been.  When I had to showcase women in lingerie in my fashion shows, I always added men as well. IMG_3986Sometimes I had to have models in various forms of undress to highlight a specific type of fashion and in my shows, it was going to be equal. I’m not a prude by any stretch, but it’s very confusing to me why women feel a need to wear less to showcase their talent, while men are always buttoned up from head to toe.  I get being confident with your body, but I’ve always felt  your talent should shine more than your cleavage.  #Iwillneverunderstand  


I know each generation before and after me will constantly deal with things we did differently and within that premise make a judgement on whether it is better or worse than it was as our age.  I am also pretty sure that within those thoughts, we’ll have even more confusion about things we’ll never understand.  When I finally get to 60 I am sure there will be lots I won’t understand, but I do plan to use my time to learn more to help me understand those new things.  I guess that’s all anyone can expect in their lifetime… keep learning and experience more and maybe that will help us understand.

5 thoughts on “…I will never understand!

  1. So…I have to add one of my “Iwillneverunderstand”…
    I am continually frustrated when using men’s washrooms to see the toilet seat is often not lifted when men unrinate, and there is urine all over the seat. For pete’s sake, just wash your hands after using the toilet if you are afraid of germs! Or use your foot, or take some tiolet paper and lift the seat!! When did men get so damn whoosie!
    And ladies, just so you know, I never put the toilet seat down after using a unisex bathroom, not because i am afraid to touch the seat, but so that some guy after me doesn’t pee on the seat before you use it.


  2. Holy cow do I agree with every single one of your points!! Here’s one of mine #Iwillneverunderstand Why do pregnant woman or people with kids get a parking spot designated for them? They’ve done what happens thousands of times per day. They shouldn’t be treated like they are so much more important than others.


    1. I think they should have those special spots for people who have a new car so that you have more room and don’t get dinged when someone opens their car door because they parked too close! The first ding is the worst!


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